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iSpeed Speedometer app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 7184 ratings )
Travel Navigation
Developer: MCW Technologies, Inc.
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.9.0, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 05 Jan 2010
App size: 4.73 Mb

You can now share your location from the Data View using the share button.

Weather is improved. New weather feed with new weather icons! Weather is now powered by Dark Sky.

iSpeed uses your iPhones GPS to display your speed, heading, and trip data. iSpeed also shows your current weather conditions based on your latitude and longitude. It has full trip functionality and a map view with location tracking. iSpeed has built-in iPod controls. iSpeed will work for either your car, boat, bike, or while you walk.

iSpeed has portrait and landscape views!

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Features Include:

- The Speed View shows your speed, heading, course, altitude, trip distance, trip time, trip average speed, and iPod controls. The speed view will show the odometer when the trip is stopped. It also shows the current and next 24 hour weather conditions. Touch the iPod button on the right to slide out the iPod controls. Touch the "x" button, swipe to the right, or swipe down on the song name to slide in. Your current GPS accuracy is displayed at the bottom.

- The Map View shows and tracks your position on the map. Displays your speed, heading and trip or odometer information. Zoom using + and - buttons, two finger pinch, or two finger tap.

- The Data View displays the raw GPS location, speed, heading, trip data, and current battery status. The "Share" button allows you to share your location with other apps on your iPhone.

- The Settings View allows you to set the units, enable/disable background processing, set the auto-off timer, set the battery saver mode, enable/disable auto pause, and view/reset the odometer.
Settings overview:
* "Run in Background" mode allows iSpeed to run in the background.
* "Auto Stop In" setting will stop iSpeed from running in the background if it does not come to the foreground in the selected time.
* "Battery Saver" mode will automatically lower the GPS accuracy when running off the battery, helping to improve battery life.
* "Auto Pause" option will pause the trip timer when you are not moving, allowing you to measure travel time instead of total time.

- An iPod "Now Playing" view shows when a new song starts. Showing the song title, artist name, album name, and album artwork.

--- Notes: ---

Works on the iPhone running iOS 8.1 or later.

The map view and weather requires a data connection to display information.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Have a safe trip!

Pros and cons of iSpeed Speedometer app for iPhone and iPad

iSpeed Speedometer app good for

Data agrees with car odometer much better than other navigation apps Ive used. Also the layout is well done. Recommended.
Nice app and the constant weather information is a nice touch especially since it changes to the current area you in. I really like this one out of all the different ones Ive tried. Good price. If your looking for a speed app then I recommend this one. Lots of features and options/settings. Doesnt kill your battery like some of the others. Hope this helps in your decision. Im on iPhone 4 iOS 4.1.
Having a car without a speedometer sucked until the iphone. But being a phone junky in the car I kept having to switch back an forth from speedometer apps and phone calls etc. This has definitely helped out big time havent found another app close and I have really tried out a lot. Wish they could include texting, phone calls and traffic to maps. Maybe in the update. Thanks.
This app is fantastic! I have been driving my Trail Blazer for 2 yrs. with no gauges at all. I have been super lucky to have made it without a ticket! I tried this out yesterday and it works great. I am thrilled to now have some help judging my speed!!! You guys rock!! Thanks for the peace of mind! Keep on inventing more apps, cause you know what we need!

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